The best natural Robusta Coffee In Uganda.

The Best Natural Robusta Coffee In Uganda.

Over 2,500 farmers producing superb award-winning Ugandan Fairtrade Fine Robusta coffee from the hills of Kibinge: Coffee that is changing lives in Uganda!

Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society was founded in 1995 as a private company limited by guarantee. In 2009, the organization was converted into a registered cooperative society to generate income to sustain member farmers and the organization itself. We became fair-trade certified in 2011 and a registered coffee exporter in Uganda in 2012. The organization mainly handles fair-trade certified coffee.

In 2014, Kibinge was honored to be awarded the Fairtrade Small Producer of the Year for Africa. Kibinge recently added a Savings and Credit unit as well as a Farm Supply Shop in order to serve our members through the provision of financial services and farm inputs more conveniently.

Kibinge Coffee has remained true to our mission of improving the lives of our farmers and community. Recent projects include bringing power to a local health center, building latrines for one of our community schools, and working to improve the quality of the roads in our district. At the end of each year, Kibinge distributes a portion of profits straight back to our farmers to reward them for their hard work and success.

Our Mission

To Be A Leading Farmer Owned Coffee Cooperative In Uganda By Maintaining Exceptional Quality, Offering Excellent Prices, And Improving Lives In Our Community.

Our Vision

Coffee Farmers Empowered To Own And Market Value-Added Coffee At Competitive Prices.

We are excited about the journey “seed to cup” 
The long journey that started right from inception was intended to cover the entire coffee value chain so as to benefit the farmers and the organization in terms of value addition.

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