Generation Restoration!

Kibingecoffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society (KCFCS) is planting trees in the hills of Kibinge, Bukomansimbi District in the central region of Uganda.

This is good news for all our coffee customers around the world who celebrated #WorldRainforestDay. As you enjoy our award-winning, Fairtrade natural Robusta coffee, you can know that your morning caffeine buzz is regenerating coffee farms, growing trees, and keeping the bees pollinating to produce specialty grade coffee with an 80+ cupping score.

KbingeCoffee, we are a member-owned organization that proactively invests in maintaining healthy forests by actively discouraging deforestation and distributing tree seedlings seasonally to our farmers in the community.

Uganda is losing 2.6% of our natural rainforest and adding to our CO2 emissions. The majority of the rural population lives without electricity, so trees are cut down for fuel.

We have been planting and caring for coffee trees since 1995 when 4 farmers in Kibinge decided to grow coffee. Over the last decades, we have learned the best ways of planting and caring for our coffee trees, and we now extend our care across our 72 ha of coffee fields. But we go beyond the farm boundaries, replanting indigenous trees to bring back and maintain healthy forests, so future generations can enjoy the Pearl of Africa’s biodiversity and the profusion of life, color, and beauty.

Follow and support us to replant trees and stop the heavy reliance on hunting and gathering as farmers enjoy better livelihoods through your purchases.

Buy our coffee full of caramelized, vanilla, chocolate, and nutty flavors, with moderate acidity, bittersweet taste, and round, smooth, heavy body, and savor the pleasant, lingering, sweet aftertaste.

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  1. Kyakuwadde John

    Great be you KCFCS for all the Incredible services rendered to the Members, the general community and the Country at Large. May the Almighty Grant you more years of successful/ prosperous operations as you improve the general wellfare of the members and also champion the socio-economic transformation interventions in our Counrty.

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