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Value Chain

We take pride in our value chain and are completely invested in each stage of the process. From farmer to the final destination, we want to provide the best solutions to every individual in the chain.

From Seed to Cup, Kibinge Coffee is there!


Our farmers are at the core of who we are. Without them Kibinge Coffee would not exist and we wouldn’t have wonderful Robusta to offer.


We work closely with our farmers to ensure that best harvest and post-harvest practices are used. This includes only picking red cherries, drying them on clean tarpaulins and storing them properly. This minimizes post-harvest losses and improves the quality of our coffee.


Our farmers bulk their coffee at Kibinge Coffee collection centers before delivering it to the factory. The Kibinge Coffee truck makes delivery convenient and affordable for our farmers.


Our coffee is processed primarily at our very own facilities close to our farmers. The final processing is done at a professional facility in the capital Kampala using the latest technology.


We transport our coffee to Kampala in our Kibinge Coffee vehicles. From there we arrange transport to Mombasa, Kenya before shipping our coffee to its buyers around the world.

Kibinge Coffee has worked in many areas on numerous projects throughout our existence. However, our core activities really come down to four primary areas.

Financial Services

Our financial services center around provided the highest possible level of support for our farmers.

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Farmers’ Trainings in good Agricultural Practices

Kibinge Coffee is passionate about training our farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This a

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Community Projects

We wouldn’t be where we are without the support and hard work of our Kibinge community. We aim to

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Buying Processing & Exporting Coffee Beans

Coffee is who we are, what we love, and why we exist. We love helping our farmers receive adequate p

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