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Kibinge hosted a one day workshop with Gabriel Kalungi

On June 6th, Kibinge hosted a one day workshop with Gabriel Kalungi to bring together Head Teachers and Councillors from Kibinge sub-county and discuss challenges and action plans for school improvement. The Head Teachers and Councillors had a very productive day and we hope that they are motivated to address the challenges we found yesterday to help their schools grow and become safer, healthier and more effective vehicles of students’ learning! Thank you Head Teachers and Councillors for your participation!

Kibinge hosts Young Farmers

On June 20th, Kibinge was very happy to host the Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda (UNYFA). These youth are dedicated to continuing Uganda’s agricultural tradition and learning from existing agribusiness to help our young people develop to their full capacity!
We enjoyed talking with this group of active youth and hope that we could share our knowledge with them and help facilitate their success! We loved the conversation and questions and hope to see them all in the future as successful farmers!
Thank you #UNYFA for shaping the future of farming in Uganda!